Lost s04e01

Since there is a heroes and a prison break, and since those episodes suck balls and stuff. I just wanted to make a nice journal so people can flame me , k tx, np.

Lost coming back in february :o

Locke taking kate for a ride in his tent :o
image: inside-lost
numb3r rocks!! dlling it on my school with HDTV quality :DDD
Where can i find if sth got nuked? e.g. dexter.s02e02.hdtv.xvid-lol ? (some kind of shitty codec or fake)
what do you mean? looking at user comments on torrents is a good way to see if they are any good or not my kind sir.
I flame you right now
Lost \,,/ :D

Kate 8==D ~@ ~@ ~@ ---> (|)
Lost sucks balls, gtfo.
you can't imagine how i'm looking forward to it :D
lost is just the best thing eva!!!
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