what are you doing online?

i'm eating my doner kebab

edit: wtf are 163 people doing online at 1:39?
vAurien Checking out who's online
Borat Unknown
CriTiK Unknown
Gr3ma Viewing a journal
Penn Viewing the news
skooli Viewing the news
Fouilli5 Viewing a journal
decem Viewing a journal
SaTz Viewing the news
uzer Viewing a journal
kevlar Viewing a journal
teKoa Viewing the news
maeCkes Unknown
Imp3 Viewing movies
koek Viewing the news
frogg Checking out frogg
INtStar Checking out W4rl0rD
squzzy Viewing a movie
mens0 Viewing a journal
tapsaferia Checking out crew
m!das Viewing a journal
rivz Unknown
calciUm Viewing a clan
rimi Viewing journals
H4nS Unknown
Ronner Viewing a news item
InfanitY Viewing a journal
h3r0!n Viewing a journal
JunC!e Viewing movies
Fasolka Viewing a journal

is that ok for you?
betoog typen voor nederlands -,-
I was feeling really bored then :/. ET public servers suck, they make you even more bored than before. No mixes either and everyone from my current clan got life and go to sleep too early for me, so i think i'm gonna search for a clan full of nolifers :|
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