stuck in portal

how do i master this room?

image: escape_000000_b63ba

Edit: got it thanks. of course, the floor :x:x
lol noob
never heard of it tbh sorry
thats weird, its meez's favourite game and your meez's fan boy so i thought u would have known about it
i said i like meez, not spoken 2 him 4 ages tbh -,-'
your profile is all about meez, smells like fanboy to me
that is called lazy, cba changing it.
i read stuck in portugal ;D
Somehow I tought that there were written "stuck in Poland" :XXX
thats hard. Your liver would get stolen easely
go play TF2 Instead :P Walkthrougs for different games inc. Portal
49.2% of download I can help you tommorow!
easy, on the top there is a small entrance so just get up to the highest tube and from there u can create a portal on the floor of the entrance
outch, that was too easy. thanks
anyway to play portal without paying? :[
i don't like torrentz
gonna check some boards
The game is to easy :<
i am @ Test chamber 19... while loading i got hl2.exe error ;(

btw.shot to right side, so u can port to this tube
that sewer part was almost as long as the game itself
anyways i didn't get stuck anywhere, wishing it was a bit harder.
boss fight was close though.
same in the end.
couldnt find that damn 2nd part that was shot off :D

gonna play the bonus levels now
omg noob
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