best motherboard???

asus = problems with USB ports
i got the p5n-e (~90€), pretty easy to overclock etc and no other probs yet
never had any problems with asus in the past 10 years
i have 3 out of 6 usb non working as well with asus. next mobo i buy will be msi...
you dont need such a expensive mb
take the gigabyte p35-ds3 (88 euros)
asus boards sucks really hard atm.
yaya but i need PCIe x16 slot 2 times

i didn't see a cheap one with this ; (
Asus P5K-R has that as well and isn't that expensive.
take an abit ip-35 pro
evga one, or the Asus 1 :)
deine mutter-board
x38 gigabyte dq6

good overclock, nice cooling, good bios, x38 chipset (pci 2.0) higer fsb but ddr 3 afaiK!:O)

but no sli (yet)
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