oink got busted! :( :( :(

nice face fusen
thanks kev, that's really nice of you :)
He cant have been making much money from oink if he had another job and was living in boro. Not worth the jail sentance
don't believe the ifpi propaganda, the donations were to cover hardware costs and that was it
can't believe this actually happened.. there is no other place with so many quality music torrents. was waiting patiently for free leach period on Christmas to download Oasis collectors edition singles set and now I will never get my hands over it. words can hardly describe how heartbroken I feel.. :(
I have purchased all their CD's and lots of fan stuff too - I have no problems with paying for music I like and supporting my favorite bands, gives me a feeling I have done something to thank them for their music. that set had extras like interviews - that's why I wanted to download it. and buying the set wasn't an option - limited Japan-only edition is not that easy to find..
i hate u, your textes are too long :(
having some sense in what you're saying is considered a bad thing? :(
noe, iam just bored :D
very intelligent sentence that was not.

if youre bored then you should have more reason to read it than if you werent bored. just like i was having a conversation about quantum mechanics and all sudden i'd say that the sky is blue
that was my intention :[
Oke, i'm shocked...

They paid to upload and download music, some of it not yet released by record companies.

that's IFPI propaganda, donations were 100% optional and only went to covering the cost of the servers

also you do not need to "give music" to get an account, many OiNK users have never uploaded ever
thank god i managed to get chopin's complete works, 3 gigabytes worth, last night..
lol the FLAC version played by Ashkenazy? I got exactly the same one some days ago. :D
yes that's the one haha
I'm sure people would be more willing to part with their money if most of it wasn't going to record companies.
yeah you're uploading, but the IFPI claim that users had to "keep uploading new releases in the torrent format" or something similar which is totally not true
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