EC XVI (?) - GROUP A = cheater group

:D ET = cheatworld!
The makron is not pleased.
are you still playing cod?
welcome 2 ET
waiting for bull's comment
i guess he still didnt delete the hack properly!
lun4tic is already been banned right? maybe for that..
was banned, was unbanned, was playing yesterday

what you like the most?
I like the "was unbanned" most
If full cheater teams can play this EC then lunatic can paly also , whats the problem
The problem is they had a cheater and still lost.. cant get it :D:D:D:
who says he cheated in this game? i dont think so in this case tbh
i guess midas is right!
impressive, rly
in the doubt for the accused one
I love our group.
too bad cuz i like ur play.
hard to believe :o
np he will be able to play on cdc4 I guess!
And people want to play with him, which is even worse.
cheaters always win
Because the ppl who play with him and have known him for so long know he didnt cheat. Well he did cheat, on a pub. Afaik a lot of the Krea guys did a long time ago, when they were quitting ET for the 7th time. Also in a prac vs w@co but i think that was before etpro guids (good old times :')

This is like the perfo thing: the guy is a newb in quake but has the movement and the eye hand coordination of a veteran. Although I can't envy luna for his aimonly playstyle, i'm 100% sure he isnt cheating and the ban is prolly the same as the one he got busted for couple of months ago.

Afaik new pb can find traces of cheats even if they arent in your et folder?
I love how you defend people it's proven have cheated with "they're good at quake3, so it's okay they hack", yet accuse people of which there's no evidence they've cheated with classics such as this, "saw him playing on pub yesterday. First bullet is near the opponent, after that it goes straight for the head. He rarely gets hs on the first hit, only after the aimbot took over."

really lol'd at that one, btw.
Idd. is a hideout for busted ETplayers but when ppl like mAus, aza or perfo touch the game it seems like they have been playing it for ages. Ppl like Jonas just blatantly suck.

And about griim :) Idd he sucks on ETTV while at ze pub he was snapping to the heads like a kotobot :') Wasnt the only guy who saw him play btw. And what was his counter arguement? 'olololol you got powned at ze pub and now you call hax!!!'

no, i was in the same team and speccing him when i got full. why on earth would i call hax if its the other team who is getting raged?
"snapping to the heads like a kotobot :')"

hahah. well i can say 100% he doesn't cheat, not that my word means anything. People think he's "come out of no where" but he's being playing a long time, has pretty good aim from over a year of 3on3s, and even when he's not aiming that great, has really good gamesense.
Did I really suck on ettv? By the way I caught the end of your game on ettv, you didn't do too well yourself. I think we all suffer from nerves on ettv, the ones not used to it. :)
I agree with you :)
And when did I use the 'olololol you got powned at ze pub and now you call hax!!!' as a counter argument? I remember you posted saying you wanted that as a counter argument but I never gave it, I just tried to explain how & why I play the way I do. Oh and I play exactly the same whether its ettv or pub, the skill of the opponents are the only thing that change. I'm really sick of your arrogance and I don't appreciate being repeatedly called a hacker with nothing more than your opinion backing it, its insulting to the hours I've put in improving at this game.
I'm not the one bringing it up everytime :)
Doesn't change the fact that you're saying it at any opportunity.
waiting for tosspots comment
err lunatic busted "again? dont want to watch all the links
so this is serious this time?
shouldnt happen 2 times tbh... :X
well the IP matches perfect to the one from IRC at least :D
Matches crossfire too ;)
haha oh wow.jpg
agree. hope myth6s will get busted too
cheated, busted, BAN, GTFO!!!

bibuy /kill irl cheater
He is showing butchji how to own without glasses!
Getting busted on cybergames :D
I can not get it?:

Imagine that you got a bank and you bust a teller stelling money from you(from your bank). The first thing you do is fire(ban) him for 6 months,

After 6 months the same teller comes back and you hire him as a manager in the same bank, saying to other tellers that he is clean now cause he served his penalty(ban).

Now tell me=> In which country/company can that happen??

If a pleayer busted onces, at least he must not have again the opportunity to play in high level cups(Eurocups and Premier Leagues).
Kenta case - yes. Public hack - not.
finally we agree at some points. Progress :)
lol.. i rly said yesterday to my cortana meights : "Hes playing weird .." and then frozz said back "nah.. hes not cheating i am more than sure.."

edit for all u !
"Hes style of playing a bit weird :D:D:"

w00t ?
with a public hack plz ahhaa if he was playing with nexus his aim was much better ... u don't know how a nexus bot aims so don't say anything about that it was just his real aim if it wasn't why should he buy a bot + use a (detected) bot in a war... if he had used the nexus bot he was kicked already in a couple of minutes by punkbuster ( maby I missed that )
Si ti to rlly povedu svojim megamejtom, pol ste (so) pa zmagal proti tlr.
whine all ETplayers hax @ pub
nothing new
I think he didn't deleted the nexus file im 90% sure of that :) but u can get 3 months for this tbh but I say NO BAN because it's just shit if he gets a ban for this imo
thnx for gamersnation cup !
what you smiling at clankiller ! :XD
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xAv doesnt cheat. He's just godlike in pracs but sucks on ETTV
i think you are right =)
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