My Top 10 ET-teams

After my last post, I decided to rank what I think is the top 10 best ET teams throughout the ages. However, note that I haven't been active at all in the community for the last year or so, so I wouldn't know much about the new teams. (I decided to make this part bold so people wouldn't skip it)

1. Europe Plan-B/red (rapture, pk, rodo, gepard, kraftwerk, potter etc)
2. Finland Destination Skyline (kotkis, SW, morty, theeta, Redcross etc)
3. Finland GunSlingers (replicator, ceesam. mystic etc)
4. Europe Dignitas (Ankel, Darkie, intact, rENe, Sanctity, zenon)
5. Europe Saevus (Atlas, DeadMeat, Feuersturm, potter, rapture, ferus, xes etc)
6. Sweden Delusions of Grandeur (xc, zeke & the swedish gang)
7. Germany OCRANA D*Link (vector, caesar, mike, gepard, saber etc)
8. Germany Mortal Teamwork (cracken,wirsi,duke,joe,crush,speiky)
9. Germany Death's Embrace (Hix, Kampfi, Zeri, vEg, Mirro etc)
10. Finland broken (feuersturm, xes, atlas etc)

If you want motivation for any team, just ask. I've got motivation for every single one of them.

You might argue that teams like U96D which achieved more than teams like broken/death's embrace should earn a place on the list, but I consider the scene less active and less competetive at the time U96D ruled it compared to the times when broken/de played. Just an example, this also goes for eSr/ins/j52 and those teams. Sååårry ;<

helix black!
just-knifed > DE > mtw

mtw wasnt that good in ET!
rodo! <3
<flower> ;o
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