Help Needed, PB owning me

Ok so i copied my ET install to my new laptop today and i am now having some problems with pb enabled servers. I can connect to non pb servers fine. Things i have tried so far:

- run pbweb.exe to update pb
- restart pb service
- reinstall pb service
- remove pb and download pbsetup and reinstall with this.

None of which solve the problem. See attached screen shot, it crashes immediately after the pb client communicates with the pb server:
image: punkbustererror
doesnt look nice at all.
sorry, cant help u.
delete your cheat
Seems like a crash rather than pb. Try changing your video drivers.
well i thought that too but works fine in non pb servers
also i dont think there are any other drivers for this machine, xps m1730, its only just out
hmm , i had only pb problems so i download pbsetup, but i didnt delete my pb folder , it was also giving me errors with an other ET download thingie
Try killing some programs in the background
i had it also only format worked for me:<
I just don't know..

Take laptop back and ask "Why the fuck can't i play ET on this you noobs" that might work.
Did you not reboot your PC for a long time? I've heard of two different people who had the same problem, who had been running their PC for many days/weeks non-stop and who fixed it by a simple reboot.
delete pb-folder and reinstall pb?
fresh install of et + pb ?
The last time when i had that problem i fixed it like that: as u can see the console u put some cvar to 1, but the server requires that to be there is an option to save cvars in the form of cfg file in your etpro dir. of the game. If it's enabled, the cvar get saved in cfg file @ ETPro dir. (it should looks like "cvar_backup<number>) so u need to delete them in order to stop crashing after u join server.
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