Got a cheather? Use pb_kick

In the worst case scenario:

a retarded cheater with evidence aimbot and/or wallhack plus change name script each 5 second.

Quite impossible to kick.... but his pbguid it's the same!

So type in console


You can see

"Id of player / number of requested vote to kick with pb / pbguid associated / nick in game"

Now type. pb_kick <id-n>. Ehere id-n is the id of cheater on server.
All players (default 10, but server admin can decrease this numeber) can type on console "pb_kick <id-n>".
After N votes required for kick, the player will be kicked for (defaulr) 10 minutes. And this kick was stored on punkbuster database.

If many pb_kick will be associated at same etproguids a server admin can ban this guid with pb and this ban become a global ban with pbbans ;)

So, if you want a clear et game (with no 2000-3000 cheaters on 25000-3000 players. But only 500-1000 on 25000-30000), don't use standard ban but pb kick.

pb isn't god... he can't kick all chater, but players can improve his powerful by pb_kick ;)
The pb_kick <Player nmbr.> never works.. always teh wrong person :(
no... i tested it yesterday on freeclanserver ;)
U`ve tested it with the guid-/namechange script? ;)

It`s not working afaik. Or I just always chose the wrong guy.
/pb_plist and there is also the number;O
:D oh no itz zak and why it isnt possible to bind pb_plist on a key ? :(
thx for this brilliant info! Such new information!
oh ronner how you make me chuckle
It's the nicest kick you can receive while not cheating.
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