Please tell me what's so funny about this, some puppet saying i kill you? I don't get it, me and my mates were watching it and everyone was like wtf:(
I'm not posting this because I think it's funny, I actually don't understand what's so funny about it
its the same you posted the link that was already posted like 1239481290481290481294891058930 times on xfire >.<
You fail to see the point
You Sir fail to see how a site like xfire works... maybe don't post another journal just write you question in one of the others and ask there. Also Sir, you fail in asking the right question as you can only answer this from your personal point of view what makes those I kill you things funny or not if you don't get them/ aren't into black humor. So Sir coming to a conclusion I can only say YOU FAIL at asking a totally dumb question and in understanding how forums work :/
Please use the full capacity of your two brain cells to figure out this is not a journal about how humorous the actual video is, but a journal asking people why it is infact so funny.

Black humor? wtf does that have to do with anything lol. Hopefully you're doing one of those "internet jokes" otherwise something is seriously wrong.
Quote Hopefully you're doing one of those "internet jokes" otherwise something is seriously wrong.

ah nice, because you dont like it, something is wrong with it? nice attitude, gl in future, only dont make 3rd world war k?
Please use the full capacity of your two brain cellsPlease use the full capacity of your two brain cells

I lold so fucking hard XD you > every joke I've ever heard or read... Nvm mate if you don't read I can't help you : < As I said some people find it funny because of the black humor :o they just love black humor and the dead terrorist is full of it so if you don't know how to read I can't help you :/
At least it's funnier than "Evolution of Dance".
I think they are both nice.
evolution doesn't even have to be considered as funny
it's skilled imos
worthy of a fucking journal really,plz make a new journalk wahts so funny in south park
You either like it or you don't. No explanations needed imo.
ok, well alot of people find it very funny and i'm watching it thinking errr ?
don't worry, some people just have higher standards :)
it's a bit funny, don't like it that much eather
It's like that with everything. There will always be some that don't find the popular things as enjoying as most others, and this time you're among the minority :)
You shouldn't watch it when you're sober.
I agree with you, i closed it after 1 min.
Imo this is lol :D
LOL i didn't see it before ulul funny :)
Next one to post this gets a 7-day ban
OMG u ar just dead inside that's why u don't understand it...
i like it ^^
i liked it tbh:P
well, make a conslusion out of the fact, that so many people find it funny and you and few of your friends do not.

ofc its nothing bad to be different from the other people, but why are you whining like: 'you are stupid because this aint funny to me and you are laughing' :s
you got the point! :D
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