Maths riddle!

Three men went into a restaurant for a meal. Although they each ordered different food, they agreed to share the bill between them. The waiter, who was a little dishonest, brought them a bill for £60 and each man paid £20. The waiter took the money to the cashier, who noticed that they had been overcharged and returned five one pound coins as change. The waiter slipped two pounds in his pocket on the way back to the table and gave each man one pound change. Now each man had paid £19 for his meal. Three times nineteen is a total of £57 and if the two pounds in the waiter's pocket is added in, there is a total of £59, not £60. What happened to the other pound?
read that yesterday on dota-allstars forums!!1

didnt read yours fully (numbers) but you have to subtract the change instead of adding it so you have the original price and not what they paid

ok yours is quite different :(

might be right still, too lazy to use brainz tho (or actually REALLY read it..)
Men pay 60, men have 0 and the cashier has 60.

-> Cashier has 55, waiter has 5. Waiter pays 3 to men and has 2 left for himself.

In the end, the men have 3 and have payed a total of 57, of which 55 is now in the hands of the cashier and 2 in the pocket of the waiter. Money of men + money of waiter + money of cashier = 2+3+55 = 60, there are no missing pounds anywhere.
57 + 2 would just be the "money of cashier + money of waiter + money of waiter", not quite the total amount!
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ahah najs :D:D ure very intelligent are you? :)
But the total was 55£ not 60£

3*19-2 = 55
agree with vanhaomena

they paid total £57 (£19 each)
the meal costed £55 and waiter took £2

no missing pounds for me :/
and thats the task, no need for ":/" =)
I hoped I could find the missing pound and have it myself
they payed £55; 56th,57th and 58th pound was returned, 59th and 60th was taken by the waiter
i know the solution so im away here
waiter - die slowly motherfucker!
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