have you never played for spladderladder stats? =D
i have played =) 2 years ago. was fun and i think i'll start it again :')
yes, once i was place 153 and i still have screens from it and i was in sl always better than my clanmates
I was 1st
no but I've played for JPA:n statsit and enskan statsit!
1 year ago i was 2nd ;) name to0n
must be hax!
yes i did 1,5/1 years ago

my clan was da ubersplatterladder clan !!!!


10 members under top 100 :)

me was leader xD
been nr 3 once. but got tired of playing noob servers :).
hm more then 1 year ago :)
also was somewhere arround place 100 but dont remember and dont care anymore^^
I was about 19th about 2 years ago :/
I was like at place 15783 once, I'm zeh uber.
I was number 1 for like 2 days more than 2 years ago.
1 year and a half ago , i was 2 nd
I played over 2 years ago for some time... I got top10 !
got also quite highup about 2/3 years ago...but there was also a headshot ranking system where I got to no1 quite often (with Banshee ofc)...
aint played public for like years so I guess my ranking is like 0 now ;)
Yea , I was rank 6 :]
I had the U don't have a woman award 2 years ago. ( 12 hours in a row >< )
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