Song on dota

Hai guis.

Does anybody know the song that comes when you start "owning" on dota.
i never own, so sorry
there is no song when you start owning in dota.
even if you make a killing spree of 30 ppl (i have done with ursa) it will always be "holy shit" what ull hear
that game was when i played with some girls at lan @ the uni who didnt know how to move the mouse (1 actually destroyed the mouse cable by pulling it too hard)
there is, when you start raiding the enemys base a rock n roll song comes on, lyrics something like "THE WIND AND RAIINNN!!11"
hmm i think you played maybe some hacked version of a dotamap there are so many on the net... i think i know this song, its from the ending of the frozen throne campaign, the band who played it is called "tenth level tauren chieftain" and its called Storm Earth and Fire (or smth like that)
edit: wait a sec im uploading it
Got the map from the official dota download page. so np4me and thanks thats the correct song.
dota > et,etqw,tf2,cod4
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