stupid unplugging

My G5 is sooo fucked. I don't know what is going wrong but with every fast move mouse is going offline and after few seconds is stable again. I tried everything (format, cleaning PC, old/new drivers, w/o drivers etcc...) but it is still not working. I want to ask for few opinions before using warranty. It is the old version and i am using everglide titan + speedsurfers

Ty in advance : D
I dont know the english word for it, so Im just gonna try to explain it. I had the same problem with my Razor DB.

My guess is that the cable is broken, it works if the cable is liyng in the right possition but stops working if you move it.

Try to leave the mouse on the table, and just fiddle around with the cord, if it disconnects you know for sure that its broken.
got the same problem with my old mouse, it's broken. probably the cable.
use warranty, i did the same, working now.
indeed it is that damn cable
had 2 mx518s in 2 months - both broken - FUCK logitech = Microsoft > all for mice imo IME3 <3
I'm using a MX518 that's (I think) half a year old. It's working fine, so I dunno what you did with your MX518, but it wasn't good.
i know three guys from my town with broken mx518, you will see
Doesn't matter anyway, it was free.
it is still nice mouse, but from day to day i hate logitech more and more
Seriously, if anything sucks, it's Trust.
Trust is low budget class
Low budget, and suck ass. It's retarded, my brother and I got the same Trust mouse a few years ago. And they both gave the same problems, nearly at the same time!

E.g. Scroll went bad at first, didn't function anymore. After that, the USB didn't see the mouse anymore for 5 seconds, and saw it again, and didn't see it again 5 seconds later, and this was going on and on. Seriously, lamest shit ever.
same is going on with my G5 but period between plugging is a little bit longer than yours. Ok it happens, but even my last low budget mouse (some weird shit) work a lot more time instead of this one.
i would think - that logitech made bad batches and shipped them out - and i got my second from the same batch as the first
My old usb mouse had that too. Its cable was broken..
cable broken
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