Please help me (GiRL PROBLEMS)

So, here's the deal, I'm in love with my best friends sister.
But I dont know how to tell him that, we have been friends for over 10 years, and his sister is only 11 years old.

I feel so confused right now......

I know most of you will just see me as a phedofile now,
but she looks really mature.
Last week his family went swimming and I came along with them, and thats when I saw her. In her cute little swimmingsuit, and she's got the best ass in the world.

I dont know what to do, can I tell my friend how I feel for his sister.
Or I just try to keep it a secret.
Or maybe I should just tell his sister how I feel?

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lmfao... Nice post can't believe you actually posted that on a game site ><
nine years, thats alot :D can't help since im nolifer
tbh, age shouldnt matter
true, but it just weird for me (my bro is 11 and i am 18)
I do see the point, I am alot older than she is.
But I cant help how I feel.
as i said i understand you
Seems like you're the only one, thanks =)
rofl pedobear incoming..
thats disgusting tbh
because of pple like u i would be scared to let my children go alone to school n stuff :x
pedobear invasion?

edit: best journal to post pedobear pics
This is what I was afraid that people would say.
Its not like I'm planning on having sex with her yet.
She is too important to me to just have sex with.
Thats not true.
There is alot of stuff in a relationship thats better than sex.
omfg, get over it

if you try her parents would never want to see you again :P
» You cannot post two comments in a row that fast.

Dont you think there is any chance that they would understand?
No. Sorry Ava :<
I am pretty sure he'll try to protect his sister from you after you've told him what you feel for her. Which means he'll say that you're too old, due to being 18 years old and she's only 11 years old. µ

Might turn out different than I think because I have no idea how your friend will react on this etc ..
maybe some freaky shit!
I'm afraid that he will react like you said.
But maybe its worth the risk, even though we have been close friends for like 10 years...
Anyway you can't do anything about the fact that you love her and especially not who you fell in love with. Like I said before your friend might react different, in a more positive way for you but still the outside world will look at you as if you were a real phedofile. And that can become quiet fustrating after a while.
lol :> almost got me :P
QuoteI know most of you will just see me as a phedofile now,
but she looks really mature.

Im not gonna post a picture of her.
I respect her to much for that.
pm with pic...nobody else will see can trust me :>
I would never trust anyone thats from Loekino's love island.
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Dude, Tell your friend that you are masturbating on his sis and observe his reaction...
keep in my mind that your friendship is nearly as old as his sister

Quotekeep in my mind that your friendship is nearly as old as his sister

ha indeed that's true lol :D, once he told what his feelings are for that girl to his friend, friendship will be over soon :|
I didnt always feel this way about her.
And I'm not only his friend to get close to his sister.
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seriously dude 11 is way 2 young no matter how "mature" she looks like she is a kid 8|
what would her parents and your parents think
just wait 7 years untill she is legal or hf in jail 8D
haha xD though reality

BTW... Is this the proof that pedofilie is a disease?
you sir have a problem ...

how the hell could you fall in love with a 11 years old child ?

serious business
Don't, just find a different girl
how closer to zero how tighter around the dick

sounds way better in dutch:d
man rly take it as a secret and try to leaver her alone , best way to go
the rest is just pedostyle
everyone would say that
She´s 11, don´t tell no one about her =D

RUOSKAS SISTER!!!!811111!818818!!!1
so damn true, lol
Ha you made me laugh out loud in the train :D!

Anyway I thought of it and my mom is turning 47 in february and my dad just turned 40 (in november) so that's almost 7 a 7 year difference too! Though it's way sicker when you compare it to 11 year olds dating 18 year olds.

EDIT: btw aza in disguise?
so true @ edit !!
Euhm :|
ur sick motherfucker, just let her be. thats sick. brb, somethings coming up from my trhoat
who knows if she might turn to be ugly bitch who is addicted to drugs and atleast 3 cocks an hour
omg and u are 19? pls gtfo
I'm 18, and I dont really understand why people just cant let me be with the girl I love, does age really matter that much?
fuck her hard?!
lol...still made me laugh...even if its very old :))
It's a fucking GIRL, she doesn't have a dick moron :P
you didnt GET it did you!
... Honestly... I'm not a moron you know...
omg are you really that stupid? :D
... Honestly... I'm not a moron you know...
oki i believe you <3
i had sex with the sister of my best friend....i went to a bar with him and told him the story and that i wouldnt do that never again....
and that im rly sorry for that...
ur friends sister is 11 too?
Quotei had sex with my sister

All I read.
you're sick.
The thing I'm questioning right now is: How the hell can an 11 year old girl look mature? That would be fucking bizarre tbh :/ She must have some sort of disease then.

Tbh I think it's sick, but that's my opinion. Mb it's just a phase in ur life man, that ur kinda unsure, just wait for another year or smth, and see what you think about it then, mb u changed ur opinion then :)
the thing is, that avalanche is a pedobear for real prolly cause he thinks she got a great ass...

and wtf, how can you fall in love with some one just because of an ass?! wtf
Don't ask spree he got a boner of a pic that was posted here and was sorry he had to school because he wanted to wank =[
No, just no.
Hey, i am in his list and you accuse me of being a pedofile?? :p
Ava this is just low man, writing a journal like this just to get profile hits, it's on now, hell yea it's OOOONNNNNNNN!!!1111oneone
didnt know that ur from belgium ?
how many kids do belgians have?

3 on a videotape
and 2 in the basement :D
nais :P
Keep these things in your head, not wise to spread them over the intranetz.
I dont really care what people think about me on the internet.
I meant it is bad if they know you in person IRL.
None of my irl friends know what crossfire is, so its np.
And even if he read it I would just tell him thats its a joke anyway.
Jail for you! xDD sick cunt
Jail for what?
Its nothing I can help..
Do you think that I'm enjoying feeling like this for my best friends sister?
Not even a funny joke cya
what a sad attempt to get attention :D

image: attention%20whore3
How can you just say that?
What makes you think that you know anything?
i know you alright :P and dont call me an idiot :(
I call you an idiot cause you didnt join vent yesterday, even after I begged you =(

You hurt my feelingZ^
You hurt my feelingZ^

that was my sentence :o :P

Well, its not like you're the first person in the world whose feelings are hurt,
i was too lazy to come back actually :P
is there something wrong with being lazy? :D
Nah, I just dont like compitition.
I am the lazyest guy evererer!
What do you know about it?
You dont even know her.

She doesnt play with dolls and she wouldnd get mad, I know her.
Its the reaction of her brother and parents I'm afraid of.
i made out with an 18 year old girl when i was 12...that was the day when i started to smoke crack and suck weewees for coke
I LIKE XFIRE SO MUCH CUZ OF THIS SHIT XDDDD!! Your mind is twisted , your mind is twisted! This proofes pedofilie is a disease imo, sry 2 u bro but i think it really is. Try to keep it under control or u won't live long... at least not outside the jailwalls
I would ask her for a date and later that night,
I would slap her in the face and then I would put my dick in her mouth untill shes gonna puke all over you
and then I would fuck here untill shes dead *THE END*!
all that with your 2 cm weewee?
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