i need a headset

i need a awesome headset, with bloody awesome sound, and a reasonable mic, ive got 200 e to spend so ill manage with anything tbh any ideas?

i quite like http://www.steelseries.com/int/products/audio/siberia-neckband/information
All headsets = LoL
you will spend 200e to a headset :D?
yea :P i rly need a new one, i dont even have a mic and i dnt have any bass in my headset o,O so sound sucks, and i cant put sound harder then 30% cuz of ear protection or smth
cant hear shit
No bass = bad sounds?
I´ve gotta stop this shit with these equal signs
if u wanna good sound take headset without mikro
dont care bout micro, as long as i have 1 for wars etc
i use sony-mdr v700 and it rocks
Shure SE310 + some random microphone.
senhaisa hd202 ! :>
ask perfo for perfoheissers!
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