Idem 3v3 Cup and the behaviour

minutes ago we played against vodkateam and checked their guids
that guy had an unknown guid while connecting and while playing ...
red yawn or 2months old guids are not allowed as you can read here
even the admin has a red yawn and he didnt answer my questions thats annoying
but i think its allowed to play with wallhack and aimbot at a polish cup with polish admin
I guess he tried to spoof someone or smth
what do you expect from a cup where admin has red flags and still plays ;)
Jesus Christ, it's common sense these days that you have a big chance of encountering cheaters in a 1 day-cup.

If you don't want to play cheaters, just don't play. If you DO play, keep in mind that you're most likely gonna play some cheaters so DONT whine.
these cheaters were obvious and the cuprules said those arent allowed ....
delete your guid at the guidspoofer and write a retarded journal :)
~!!!!1111111111111 :!O
I think he was guidspoofing..
nice faking sTREETFIGHTERS. sad kids.
new 3v3 lineup otherwise we would win without problems like the 2v2 :)
nice wnb streetfighters lolz
möchtegern schwedin ^^
Oh yes, a journal about me has finally appeared!

Poor you. I have written 2 journals about my guid already but noone could help me to solve this problem. I talked to a CB admin and he told me that I could try hamachi. I tried that. But then I checked my guid and saw that it belonged to one guy already. And what's more- that guy had a red yawn. So I decided that it's better not to have a guid that to have a red one.

ESL and CB admins allowed me to play when I explained them the case. If you find my play cheating-like then pm me on irc and ask for demos- I don't see a problem and can give you them if you wish.

Btw. when you lost in the ESL 2on2 Instant Cup and didn't want to confirm that we won, admin let you go further in the cup and then you didn't have any problems with my guid. But today you lost and suddenly gave a journal here. Pathetic.
sprawdz czy nie masz konlfiktow w menadzerze urzadzen, zainstaluj od nowa wszystkie karty sieciowe (uaktualnij sterowniki) ...
you left the cup we wanted to play a 4th map and the admins too
its allowed to play with wallhack and aimbot at a polish cup with polish admin ONLY if you are polski too

shit happens
xD plx german
your cup was the best proof!
ur skill is the best
GTFO Plz. !!!!!111oneoneone
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