Broken Razer DB

Sup guys. I broke my razer. After about 3 years (can't remember correctly, i got it the day it appeared in europe) something got fucked and the mouse keeps loosing its signal for seconds, as if it was reconnecting for no apparent reason.

Now i know some of you guys had their mouse replaced even when you fucked it up and just played dumb. How does that work?

And second question, what razer mouse would you recommend for a casual gamer? I'm thinking of the pro 1.6 version or a krait.

Thanks in advance
kdaj, bolan sem
why not db 3g? :o
It's christmas so I'm broke. And I don't think more DPI will make a big difference worth the money.
same here. my habu (razer technic) plugged out first only one time every game. now its like this that i start my pc and my mouse plug out every 5 minutes...

so new mouse? or is it just my usb?
because its my 2nd mouse..
try installing it in other usb port...
i have db and in 6 died 2 times in et...but i just pluged and unpluged it and works fine after
if this is not working...go to the place you bought it...and youll have a new one :D
doesnt work. have same prob at all other usb's too...
and well i hope i find my bill.
definitely NOT the krait, just go for 3g or smth.
Why not krait? I've read some good reviews of it.
hmm obivously you've never held it / played with it. It's the worst razer so far. Lachesis/Db(3g)/deathadder/copperhead are all far better, although i'd advice the 3G because you had a diamondback. (I use the DB myself aswell and there's not a lot of difference with the 3G...)
got the same some weeks ago, buy the lachesis, it's awesome and very diamond back like, had the same issue some weeks ago and i'm happy with the new mouse and the +20% rail and +10% shaft :p (Q4!!!!11 :p)
Lachesis is pretty expensive. What do you think of DB3G or Deathadder?
got the copperhead here as well for a few months until the cable broke, I'd say once a razer every razer feels the same after some time, but I cant say something about these 2 since i dont have them :<
your cable is probably broken
try and tape it.. helped for me its working fine now for another year or so :)

its probably where the cable coms out of your mouse, try and see if it disconnects when you move it a bit
Yeah, it does. Thanks for the idea, I'll open it and see, do you have any photos or anything that might help?
dont open it, no need for it

and wait maybe i have but people will laugh!:<

dont care

dont know if its possible to see.. but just make it more solid by putting tape on it, this way it wont bend so you lose your connection.
u have bad position of the display unless ur long-necked
no, its perfect and im not long necked..:x your just jealous of my monitor!
ur eyes should be on the same level as top of your monitor!
oke, thats some nice info.. and after a quick check: tadadadaaaaaaaaaa! they are!
Is that a JYSK armchair? :D
a what?.. Its just an IKEA:<
My armchair looks exactly like yours and I bought it in a JYSK shop :P
I dont know what JYSK is, but oke :) Was it also 40 euro? or ehmm about 120 zlotti or smting:p

At least you cant have the same desk as me!
JYSK is something like IKEA, they also sell cheap furniture and house decorations. My chair cost about 180 zlotys, so yeah, the prices match :D
RAZER Copperhead
had the same problem with my old db, fortunately it was within the 2 years warranty :)

take habu/deathadder/lachesis, go in a shop and take which feels best in your hands.
Razer Copperhead as chr1zZ said. Nice mouse and it won't change your usualities.
it's dead..take db probably, or try with mx518 :d
disassemble the mouse, cut few to ten centimeters of cord and it will work, also you could clean it after 3 years inside, will be like new!
I had the Pro 1.6 mouse for about 4 months until it broke, I'd say it was the best mouse I've had, even though it doesn't last for long. The MX518 is kind of clumpy but it's still nice, and lasts for ages.
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