last time u smoked...


amm, when was the last time?
havent smoked in months
added you to my budy list now
ive got a nice picture of you.
:DDDD that looks retarded, dont publish it please!
thats in 2013!
2012 r the beta robots in the 3rd quarter of 2012 they start to get complains then its all ok at 2013 then the 2nd quarter of 2013 they start eating us =<
gtfo with that shit! :DD
im clean til zeh end!
just saw u smoking but np
xDD cant :D

btw im gonna make new profile, u want shoutout as my first fanboii? XD
2 months ago :( can't find the time to make the trip to holland

But i need weed badly by newyear
40 minutes ago
u guys are lucky in holland : /
i have to agree with you on that one :>
what if its a female robot ?
and how do you know if it's a female?Excuse me you have a 'wiener'?
thats 1 thing u need 2 find out if its eating you
ask tosspot, knows anything of robots
Puu? is that you? winnie the poop?
omagad poo
where did you come out?
hi2u xiitos
thats what tosspot calls me on his shoutcasts aswell :(
1.1.2007 :)

Clean for almost a year.
congratz keep on being clean !
but robots r stronger then humans
never did
and not interested in

but just have been in a wine bar and had a nicecigar.

dont smoke cigars often but sometimes we go there =)
was nice

is way better than fucking weedshitbraindamagingnolifercrap
ciggares are crap :/
smoke weed every day (great song)
smoked a bit @ CDC3
yesterday with my new RooR hurricane :)
i wish u the best of luck when ur eatin metal !
last saturday, blowing once in 2 weeks.. did 2much during the summer :s
last week saturday:DDDDDDDDDdddddddd
24 hours ago
last night around 0530
7 months ago I guess
not me...
i smoked to much, forgot the last time, omg
last time with 13,5 nP4Me =)
3 weeks ago, at noon (:
Cigarettes ftw!

Weed = out
last week
1 hour ago @ work :(
Februari 2007
~ 3 or 4 weeks ago
um, right now?
"euhmm drugs are baaaad ,because when you do drugs, you're bad, and you shouldnt do drugs,coz drugs are baaad.... mkay?"

Mr Mackey
was in summer i 4-6 months ago
never smoked, never will :) (not even tobacco.. its not very nice)
last tuesday
aeqje toch, FOEI!
ik was echt fking wasted, heb nog steeds koppijn, dus dan mag het ;P
in august=/
lol su ;P anders stuur ik mussaap op je af
Next question: When did you rape someone? I think these two questions go hand in hand since they are both niggerbusiness.
"WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE" buy urself a vl and make /sk fucking faggot
don't even complain about weed since u didn't try it.
Weed is first of all highly damaging for your brain. And second of all It's a decadent way to live. But if that how you want to live, go ahead.
it is my life you know, and what do you think that i am smoking it without any clue what is the main problem of marihuana. I know it can highly damage your brain functions and stuff but what about cigarettes and alcohol?? It is much better than both of them. Don't consume it and i will be happy and you will be happy kk?
I don't see it exactly the same way as you do. Might have something to do with you trying to achieve some kind off harm reduction here.

You are defending a drug, a drug which gives you brain damage and gives you a chance, with just having to test once, to fall into a permanent psychosis.

But alcohol and tobacco isn't good either. But tobacco isn't even close to weed in that case. Alcohol I can agree with you on. But the main difference with alcohol why it passes is that it doesn't do as big damage do you in the head.

As a person with an addiction it does the same damage to. Or even worse. What I am trying to say is that romnacing about drugs in this way isn't healthy and only leads to suffering.

There are more important things in life to focus on, for an example the future for our race.
I am a bit late but here u have

The THC in marijuana is not an addictive chemical, but the nicotine is. Some people may tend to think marijuana is addicting, but you could argue both sides of the situation. Now, 8 out of every 10 adults drink coffee in the morning, and 9/10 adults drink it during the day. Are they addicted, or are they enjoying a nice boost in the morning? When people smoke cannabis, are they addicted, or just looking for a good time... you could argue either or. "The brain cells that die from the use of depressants does cause an addictive like response" is not true. Scientists have just made a breakthrough discovery that the chemicals of marijuana can actually repair your brain cells in super-high doses in lab rats. They still have to test it on humans. But, in rats it did repair them, so you could say they do repair the cells. Afterall, we have an endless supply of brain cells. Ide have to argue with your statement. Killing the brain cells is not what makes it addictive (which it may not even be killing them in the first place). What your telling me is that when you are tracing something in sharpie marker, it is addictive to go trace something later, because yes that does kill brain cells. When you bang your head, you destroy brain cells. I have never seen anyone bang their head because it is "addictive". So overall think a little bit more before you tell people false information.

What am i trying to say is that, you never smoked marijuana so please try it first then speak. It is all about feelings and you will never know it. Oh and u was talking about our human race, now please tell me what is so negative in marijuana to our race.
Ok. I'll smoke some marijuana and get back to you!
Im not saying that marijuana isn't bad or whatever, but you are talking about it like u tried it many times
3 days ago at midnight
At cdc3 with keNta! (nearly died)
ik roggel t wiel
was t maar zo, maar zoals ik al zei ben ik nog steeds fking ziek van gisteravond ;P dus ik ga echt niet smoke...
hehe ik ook wel, maar ik weet gewoon dat ik dan weer met keiharde koppijn wakker word, alleen dan zonder de neiging om over me nek te gaan :P
moet je t wel binnen houden :P
low+ voor meh ;(
ik ben afgevallen :D
haha <3 :D
ik heb een twix ice cream ;P
yarly ;P ik kan me kerstpakket ook nog leeg roven, al zit daar niet zoveel lekkers in :x
wat had je gekregen? ;(
dan verklaar ik jullie nu man en vrouw
last thursday.
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