oO Last Sunday :P

Last Sunday this year what are you going to do? :D

Jesus aka Chuck Norris :
image: gun
Waste it on the internet, like usual. Expect the result of thursday night's fuck up.
learning, reading, watching simpsons and later some film, sleeping
study, play ET, ride on my bike, watch tv, sleep
prepare for tommorow's party at my place!, clean up, move some speakers, tv etc

try to get some more booze, but the stores are closed, so now im husteling for some money in the hood
surf on the internet, eating,have sex,play ET,and sleeping momorrow bck too work :s
learning, Mario Galaxy, watch movies
going to buy booze for upcoming NY
working :|
nothing special ... but thx for asking
What Sex = inportant 4 me
maybee not 4 you
!!!!! :>
hopefully i fell asleep and miss next year. :<
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