2008 looms, the end is nigh

I produced an A-Z of 2008, a sort of predictive outlook of things to watch in 2008, esports wise, although there are a few non gaming things mentioned. Although there are only a few genuine insights, most are just jokes, it's probably worth wasting 5 mins of your life over! :P


Includes a rather_EPIC_custom pic of Korea, Republic of MYM] Moon as well ^^
I watched and quite enjoyed The good shepherd by the way. :P
I'm just old and easily fall asleep. :(
link s not working
Don't find it real attractive, but hey, thanks for even taking the time!
Nicolas Sarkozy - For bagging himself a supermodel, and for being the first likable first French President in living memory. Long live the king.

What a joke ...
did you ban from et-fr till 4 january, if so why?
i didn't say anything stupid, I nearly never post things there and somehow I got banned.
+ Ban system sux, if i boot with linux i can still view the site

Learn to ban on IP
C'est cool pour toi. FDP.
hum? quoi?
jtm aussi.
j'etait juste trop con pr voir que j'avais plus le droit de poster. je l'ai remarqué maintenant =/
Dsl mec,
pumu does not like you
pumu likes to speak about pumu in 3st person?
It a kings protocol.

cryptz likes speaking like that
Quake III – Purely because it refuses to die, and the fact it has one of the most laughably bitter communities in gaming.
good read, good read
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