Ten Commandments for New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve revellers were given a 10-point survival guide by the UK Government last night:

• 1 Eat before drinking. Food slows down how fast alcohol gets into your bloodstream.
• 2 Drink lighter beers. The difference between a pint of 5% lager, and a 3.5% or 4% one is a whole unit of alcohol.
• 3 Set a drinks limit. Decide a drinks limit in advance and then stick to it.
• 4 Have an occasional water or soft drink. Consider alternating between an alcoholic drink and a non-alcoholic to keep hydrated.
• 5 Try to stay out of rounds. Rounds may mean you end up drinking more than you intended as you accept people returning your kindness after you have bought them a drink.
• 6 Don"t get pushed around. Never feel as though you have to drink something if you don't want to.
• 7 Keep track of what you"ve had. It is hard to say '"That"s my limit tonight"' if you don"t know how much you"ve had.
• 8 Use more mixers. Diluting a drink with another mixer will make it last longer and lessen the effects.
• 9 Drink smaller drinks. A large glass of wine in most bars is equivalent to a third of a bottle.
• 10 Plan your journey home. Make arrangements before you start drinking and make sure you don"t get left to walk home alone
[© by the UK Home Office and not by me! To say it with Obelix words: "Die spinnen, die Briten."]

Have fun anyway, see you in 2008! ;)

Edit: Second :/
low+ tips for some 14 year olds.
omg you copied that shit from the anti alc league or what?

Drink lighter beers. The difference between a pint of 5% lager, and a 3.5% or 4% one is a whole unit of alcohol.
Cant be arsed to do that.
give it Micha to read
thanks dady
Yeah like anyone is actually going to do that.
ok kafux
eat drink eat drink piss drink piss sex bicycle jump ride fart chocolate shit eat fart
The little ones look like they will be having fun also:

image: 149aa6
looks like my kindergarten group
i just follow number 1 as always
I always fail atg 3rd number.. + walking home alone is nice if you still have some drinks in your bag!
I'll fail at 3 & 4; always forget to drink water in between

and walking home alone is nice expect when you have to walk 40 km in my case, gg retarded spot to have a party on
4th was serious? I tho its a joke, like anybody drinks a water between drinks ;DDDD

actually I fail everything after 3rd, but now bibuy, hopefully i succeed in something today!
ha yeah, we have the noctambus in wallonia, otherwise i would have to walk 10 km
it's easiest if u don't drink at all !
but I thought you said there is nothing erotic about ...

kafux u are disapointing me ;<
read the update pls, I am one of the last ones who will orient myself by this catalogue :)
haha, u visited an AA meating or what? :p
• 1 Everyone knows you go to the kebab shop on your way home
• 2 Drink Jack Daniels all night
• 3 My drink limit is infinite
• 4 Water is bad, mmkay
• 5 Rounds are fun, when you're not paying
• 6 If someone offers you a drink, of course you must have it
• 7 After 8 double jacks who cares what you drink
• 8 Mix Jack Daniels with Absinthe you say?
• 9 Instead of drinking bottle of wine, drink a few double Jack Daniels
• 10 The 'journey home' is the best, so unpredictable and often fun. More chance of finding a house party
:D <3 true 1/3/4/5/6/7/10
wp ! :D Jack = <3
I'll handle it as always:
only beer and maybe a couple of shooters. Irish flag ftw \O/
"9 Drink smaller drinks. A large glass of wine in most bars is equivalent to a third of a bottle."

yea sure!! xDDD
If you are from the UK, it is the law to do the exact opposite of what the Home Office recommends. So bascially, get absolutely slaughtered!
And if you are not from the UK, you dont even care about what the UK Home Office recommends.. So basically, this is a big joke for people who are experienced enough with drinking :)
and your saying im not? :o
Why should you not? You said that you will do exactly the opposite of what your Home Office recommends, I dont see any reason for me to think something different :D
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