The real story.

Heya all!

Well since i read up about everything i thought i give the real story about what happend.

My auntie died and she had 3 kids which i need to take care of, they had no internet on site so i couldnt msg you guys, i left my phone at home that day.

I made random appearance's from inet cafes , got banned from x-fire since tosspot got a zillion requests from ppl claiming to be me (id loved to have those logs )

I couldnt believe the fuzz that was going on around me, still i appreciated that.
Fiend having a wanted poster on swertcw lol :) well i guess they cared for their teammate and thats good.
i also started to play everquest 2 hardcore.. i needed to forget stuff so i went all in on that aswell.
as in every game, to be good you need to go all in.
When ur in a clan you bond that why i never liked these clanhoppers.

Anyway i cant say im back in biz yet but ill try the game since i love it and i got alot of friends within it.
so end of story and l hope i see you on the battlefield

I would like to thank some ppl aswell since they made my life easier.
TosspoT ofc for gaining access to my account again
Swine for being such a nice guy.

Prepare for noll8 comeback now!!
blaze where the fuck are you ?
good to have you back :)
wb capten!! :]
well guess ur not in it =)
this is not real capten. I repeat: this is not real capten.
I can tell u that ur wrong m8! this is the real capten , from the old noll8 rtcw team and ofc. noll8 ET team.

Im glad he is back, and u can talk to him in #noll8 if u like.
sorry, who are you? Did i miss something here?
Glad you're okay, welcome back!
wb capten ;)
well, this is the strangest event of the day by far... wb

I don't think anything could top it, (unless waki got UK captain)
yes blaze where are you?? Seems like hes smoking omg
welcome back SWE legend :)
omg, wb
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