my new iPod

ok, not so new but isn't it nice? I'm having a lot of fun with it since I can paly playstation/gameboy/nintendo games. But all the other stuff you can do with it is awesome as well! :D

Here a screenshot of my iPod:

image: 85c03es

Most apps are hidden behind: games, internet and misc

Tell me your fav apps/themes/icons for your iPod touch / iPhone

edit: I can't sleep ;<
gonna get iphone prolly aswell.
you will have a lot of phun after you've jailbroken it ;}
just waiting for prices to drop.
how much does it actually cost?
you spelt Music wrong :X
Musik? it is german, or what do you mean? :)
In Yermany everything is wrong
ey look my random mp3 player! guess i can hear music too with it!

ergo: wayne!
gonna get one january 2k9, hoping for the prices to drop
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