Rihanna - sexy or not?

n1ce one new clip/song @ MTV Base
Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music:
edit: much sexier video
Rihanna - Umbrella (ofc):
image: Rihanna-id03

EDIT: that song aint new :L
ur fuckin stupid if u dont think thats hot.
then you must be fuckin stupid if you take this so serious, it's a question and ofc i think she is hot ;P
u made me crap my pants by being so hostile :<
you started first in bad manner bth, and go to the toiolet ;>
oki sry, and im on my way now :D
hf there ;D
im back, only wiped my ass with a slight piece of paper u know, the fast and teh furious style, takes only 1,5 secs.
oh you're rly fast m8, btw add meh back @ your buddy list ^_^
he cannot have more than 2 jew @ bl
u like cocks its well known by every1 now :D so stfu!
the body. yes .. the face. no..
nigga biatch
she's HOT
wTf iz that picture @ your profile, it should be funny or something?
g4yz attack on crossfire ah btw what's the translation from finnish to engrish? ;]
I doubt it was her whiny vocals that got her the record deal.

body > voice
definetly no, her forehead is like a great chinese wall
so if she was nude, and standing infront of you and saying: DO ME! You would say: piss off?
if she would wear paper bag over her head then why not
image: F_200706_June19ed_i_338458a
hahaha lol xD
she is mine^^
she can have me
first time i saw her i thought not again a (half)black chick same as ciara, beyonce etc...
ciara is hot, fuck beyonce
shes brown, says enough.
dont want aids.
No danger for you then anyway...
definitatly sexy
wrong race, no go
if she's laying like that, MIAUW
fucking sexy.. look at her body!
she is really hot, but ofc use redtube, and is she half nigger or full?
fucking sexy
definetly no
rihanna is my sister's name =/
nicklamers everywhere
She is allowed to taste it..
she is tiny thats why she is hot like kylie !
look at her nose plz
and i guess youre perfect :o ??
like the most guys critisiing her would even get a chance to lay hands on a woman like that :o)
i dont say she is ugly, she is cute and shit but she is nothing special just another r&b bitch made by a label...those girls are getting boring!
look at her forehead !

image: 334043bGiF_w
i like body but not face from front view :o
sexy ofc
dont find her massively sexy. but OFC i would still do it
no, i meet more sexy girls on my way to school :<
sexiest women ever :o
she is obviously good looking, but the question here seems to be rather, HOW good looking on a scale from 1-10

meaning, the people who say "shes not that hot" doesnt mean she ISNT hot, just that they wouldnt perhaps think she was AS hot as any other random celebrity
blergh, stupid bitch
you can land an airplane on her forehead
mAus likes rihanna...
Body like a normal white girl
No BOOTY ass and Big Tities

she wont give me a hard one...
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