image = trojan =l

image: 8ap6brt

Quote by http://virusscan.jotti.orgStatus: INFECTED/MALWARE

AntiVir Found TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen
NOD32 Found probably unknown WIN32 (probable variant)

I got it from this tutorial:

edit: upload the file @ and you will see yourself..
water = evolution
:< thanks god i didn't dl it
I somehow think it's a fake. People are using that software, and scanned online with it shows up clean.
AntiVir Found TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen
NOD32 Found probably unknown WIN32 (probable variant)
all the others found nothing.

What chapja said it's right.
Crypt is not a virus , it to crack / crypt some files , some antivirus detect it as virus , some not. I use CrypEXE.gen for some cracks on Silkroad , nothing dangerous.
The antivirus (McAffee if I remember right) at my university detects the TightVNC client as a trojan. I hate it.
Nah it isnt, just ignore the message.
i highly doubt it's a trojan/virus. the file was packed or at least modified by some software (imports destroyed) and that is what many antiviruses detect as a possible threat. AV software sucks anyway
Netcoders revenge :o
False positive, image is completely safe. I currently have no idea why some AVs detect it as some virus/trojan (probably because of the custom packer that I made to meet this project's requirements). But, I'll look into this and will fix it for the next release.

For those of you who won't trust image, remember that only some AVs are giving these false positives. The others say it's clean :)
You liar, stop infecting people with your viruses.

How else am I supposed to proceed with my world domination plans? :<
yes.. the packer is the reason why it happens
MSN logs of cheaters

incoming in 2 weeks
image.exe , this doesn't sound like a virus at all :"
true only VIRUS!!!.exe can be a virus...
indd onlt files that are named: VIRUS.EXE are real viruses, the rest is fake
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