hockey fight

pretty awesome tbh :D

old, care, die
prepare for the "old" comments
geef chamire een schop in ze gezicht met maat 50
way too old to be posted
woah there really strong almost a knockout :O
2 "muschis" are fighting
old , care, die
born to fight...
fu ovechkin owns the place!
happens like every night
Booo hockey sucks!
Here in sweden they dont even try to start a fight, they just say: " jag ska cutta din famlij" and so on. Wich means im gonna knife your family. Thats pretty usual when you tacle(spelling :E) a Siggenare or just a basic nigger.
spree the emoquitter uhhh

egoquitter against low
old but scatman john rox!
spree jij bent echt teringlelijk:D:D:D
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