Highest acc!

image: 4jlxkj

Can you beat it?
try to get a higher acc on cybergames.
talent & experience
bot bot bot bot bot bot
but which? you can't even get with rsHook such a high acc..
sure you can...
i lol'd :'D etbot < rsHook but still rsHook isn't the best bot.
So what makes a bot good?
As we all know there is a 18% minspread with thompson/mp40 if the target is smaller than the spread area, so that would have to be achieved by standing right next to an enemy.
it was to unreal for me so that in the heat of thing i forgot to make a screenshot :)
tr00 dat, photoshop 4tw
i once played this guy, he is amaznig

80% acc, million headshots, just amazing
it really isnt hard.
simply know how to be a afkkiller, and on other players, dont shoot for the kills, shoot for the acc

it really isnt that hard...

but you, sir, have been busted anyway
its easy though, with eth1.2 i get higher acc, nerd
I applaud your sense of proness, and I urge you to continue your quest for perfection in the field you seek acceptance by the global community of this game that you play with your heart it seems that if its by some glorious effort that you make all these headshots with your gun thats probably very well executed in all rounds of the game and for the life of it i salute you and say to you my friend, live long and prosper and see you on the other side of this lake we call et.
i can get even better acc without hax, just watch me spawnkilling afk players lol!
ehehe YOU SUCK 90 acc only? If you are killing AFK ppl u should have 100% hits.
I guess he was standing still in spawn.
1on1 and one afk :P
which server?
Im wondering why you arent banned yet.
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