Screenshot of your public skills

Show me your Public skills gogogogogoggo :PPPP

Check mine on a random server :

image: publicskillsxu2
omfg, light weapons level 4! how?!
image: 4jlxkj

hello Mr. Human Aim
ya, on non pb servers xD
need.. more.. headshots.. (done with high sens and high m_bitch)

image: 67924030py4
Im wondering why you arent banned yet.
me too :( im too low for this med+ community
[GMC]Todeszone? :)
ye,everyone acc around 50%, 584385389543 headshots and 54938594543kills
50+ acc

20 kills 40 headshots, gaap
wow you all got crap config :x
60acc @ pub aint even hard :/
Saw your journal, got on cybergames and played 10mins.
Thats the result, sucky morning skill... acc sucks but ok

image: cybergamestodayeg3
i cant see any skillz in your pic, soz.
image: img_5fd016e079aea3ce6b00517475b9dd02

was on telenet servers a while ago =)
image: avkjsa1dmi2a2bcok

wow i'm so skilled
sten and 38.9 acc , not so good :o
sten is izi pizi
image: 20051110173840baseracebdm0
107 - 23

~ November 2005 =p
image: images
Baserace xD<3
don't play public, soz

pathetic cuz its cybergames but np4me
edit: tompson sux hard..
image: lolacc

I had 85-0 on a pub long time ago, to bad I lost the ss :<
This is my public skills! Multikillz only:
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