looking for highskill team

looking for high skill team, but just for wars and i dont want to do any stupid training or something dont have time for that.. i just want to do wars with the highskill every now and again, anyone who has team like that? or has same needs like me?
I agree with this random noob!
ask jinosta
thats the point^^
i guess you could have a chance if u werent so fucking random
ask perfo he knows some teams
qry slifer187 @ #187.et

Hi brumu, i am the only guy who believes in your magicly skills.
You can make your own team and join dignitas (#dignitas @ Qnet and pm an op!).

Or just join TLR. Infos: http://www.tlr-clan.co.uk/

Good luck, but im sure you dont need it, a talented player like you :O
:DDDD fail.
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Ask waki, I heard him and his team are highskill :D
wonder whos faking here
private one imho tbh.
Epic fail
btw. another way to waste your time in ET is tryin to knife urself mr. high in 3 months
eemmm? what is up with all these kiddies trying to make cool comments?? lol anyway if there is any high skill players who just looking for some guy who doesnt require all this clan bullshit but just wants to play high wars you can pm me cheeers
I don't wanna offend you or anything... but how could you be highskill? You're kinda "unknown" and never played on a high level afaik. The only reason for your highskill i could find is you being a cheater (new nick or anything) but even then... you probably lack experience.
who said im 'high skill' i just want to play with highskilled players and then we will see how i compare to them idc, i have fragged 'highskills' b4 and its just a matter of automising a few things which i havent automised yet
jokes get worse every day
if you want a good joke then look into the mirror
ahhaha, almost made me laugh... now try to make a good one or just disappear and don't reply on me
almost huh ? ok look again in the mirror this time pull down your pants
oh come on, your jokes get even more dull... try once more in earnest
im sorry i didnt mean you to get depressed when looking in the mirror.. i thought you would laugh about it
getting better, all cool bro
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