Oky new mouse

I just bought a Razer Diamondback G3

but, i can't select 400 dpi :<<< HELPOR
buy new one
why you cant?
take it back and get a mx518 or ime -________-
install driver...sensitivity->advanced->400 dpi...done
/kill irl .
BAD 4 U.
any ways to have 400 dpi whit a deathadder ?
Throw it against the wall.
Razer sucks asses :< *i have my experiances*
got same problem but 400 dpi sux so or so =)
lol. 400 rox, almost no neg acc
welcome to razer support center. thats your serial number: 12 321 194. Waiting time (approximately): 34 Years

Thanks for choosing Razer!
400dpi is for fucking fags who like shit on their penises
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