Help: Vista Style?

How can i change only my start menu bar? and that line, i donno how to call it... to vista style... if i need any external program then i dont want :(

here goes the thx in advance video: Velvet Revolver - She Builds Quick Machines
dnno soz
you can use a program like windows blinds to load styles. Tons of other styles too btw you can use.

uxthemepatch, only need to install it, not really side prog, and you can change styles
google ^^
windows pimpin in cf tutorials :)
mostly made by retards / unexperienced guys, in cf's cases, it's both
ye, maybe you need to make one (o:
wtf? get vista/linux ;) bubi
i use windowblinds and still waiting that somebody would do a vista skin :(
well i found some with google a while ago, or look @ deviantart
image: desktop

done with Windowblinds np
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