HB dear admin doneX !

Happy Birthday Spain doneX ! :)

image: birthday1fw5

Let's still be an admin - you've done good job ! Wish you more !

HB !
schleimer /ger

- hb
Slijmer? /dutch
no he kicked me to often from the clanbase ettv server ,,, no HB no no !
hi malczik
hb ² u, keep banning some retards <3
what a shame he recives a birthday journal by a person with ur attidude ;)

hb though
his attitude is fine, the other people's attitude against him is crap. hb
it is quite sad tbh.

hb anyway
i thought the same :D
keep doing good job, allowing busted players @ oc 3v3
why are you talking about yourself?
ye sure like i told, u came from gameboy platform to et scene and you have no idea what u are doing.

Btw my brother doesn't water flowers while i'm playing ET and help me track my oppo. Keep promote yourself gj!
ive been playing et for 4 years mr genius :), and for sure ive got bigger knowledge about it than you.

Have you forgotten about some nice proofs at czitong's site?
But the difference is that, he used to play at LAN (SGF). Where were your wards at that time? As i remember most of them had sworn by bell, book and candle to be there, and we all know how it was ended.
U are one of the biggest polak cheaters in ET.
hB marc <3
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