good way to get right blur

I have question about blur. I was making video with image. blur was nice but time of writing into tga for 15s in game took 45min. Also used its a wrap but blur was bit decent =/
Hymm my question any other way to do it faster :/ ( i have only 100GB free space on my hard drive ) thx for help
so why u wanna change the blur if it was decent?
Cap.60fps render 30fps, but i dunno what you mean :D
i mean that i wan fast capture with good motion blur coz my pc i bit shitty... i tried image but it tooks too long :/ that's way i'm asking about other way of capturing
Image is a great tool, but it's easy to make mistakes if you're used to normal capturing. Try the config in the tutorial _without_ DOF and remember that you have to cl_avidemo # your _final_ FPS (25/29.970/30 for instance). If you have further questions join #image.
get a faster hard drive and things will speed up
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