packet change script?

just played a 3 v 3 against some random guys. one guy UTK was using a packet script, his packets went from 40-51 everytime he shot, it changed, making him almost completely unhittable. is this some new thing or have i just not played against massive lamers like this before?
It is the new thing now. Thanks a lot!
yea..some lame shit..move down,up,left,right...changing packets...
i still think maxpackets should be forced to 100
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if you read the post kid, youll see its not as much whine as me asking a question :) thanks for your maturity though you little prick :)
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wow, ive been E-owned.... not :/

i just dont how being so lame as to have to use a script to constantly make you lag while playing a "game just for practice". it was only some shitty 3 v 3 i joined in on the last map, so no big deal, i just dont get why you would use something that lame?
kevlar have you heard about aim? Aim at enemies head and you will shoot headshots :D
its hard to aim at a head when it aint there , you inbred cockfart :/
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OMG AM I GOING TO JAIL? WHO KNOWS :XX plzz get a life and stfu ... who cares about a shity game for practice ...

1º. Get a girlfriend and make her happy
2º. Read Cb Rules
3º. Learn how to play
4º. Don't whine anymore

kk thx bb =) <3
post the script : )
Im selling the script for 10€, pvt me
i sell it for 5
i dont even sell sensless shit for any euros!
its not senseless. it makes newbs like utk become unhitable =))
// Lagscript
set lagscriptOn "+attack; +set cl_maxpackets 51"
set lagscriptOff "-attack; -attack; +set cl_maxpackets 40;+set cl_maxpackets 40"
echo ^0> ^7Lag script loaded ^0!

or something like that maybe only need to reset once unsure ! :P im not even sure which way round would benefit to be honest. 51 shooting 40 moving like i did i guess! probably doesnt even work some clever person will tell me. I also think packets should be locked to 100!
from what i read there is no script and u can do it just running p2p etc.

talking with reyalp:
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