FPS ingame vs demo

When i play ET , i can't get stable fps. if i lock it a 76 it drops all the time , same if i lock it at 125.
But when i watch a demo, i can get 200 fps stable in all demos i watch :s
I guess it has something to do with punkbusterb or something but i'm not sure.
Does someone knows how to fix this ?

system: p4 3.00 ghz
1 gb ddr ram
ati hd3850
Must be pb. Anyway last Ati drivers arent good. Wait for new ones.
demo's need less cpu?..... and fps drops can be caused by shit software in teh background.. or shit cfg.. i onno to get rly stable fps you need to have very smooth system and top notch hardware.. even for such an old game.. i think im not sure so dont take this comment too seriously
When you are seeing a demo, you don't have pb running.
and ettv? there is no pb support too ;)
when you have demos running you are not connected to a server and therefore the cpu/gfx doesnt have to wait for any data before it can produce the frames.
k, but the diference between 200 stable en 76 unstable is just to big :s

+ when i'm capping at 76 my fps often is around 65 and when i cap at 125 my fps often is around 110.
ah cool... blame pb, thats what everyone else would do :D
thats cause of pb
Had the same downgrade your ATi drivers <3
when i downgrade my drivers, my cod4 won't work good anymore prolly
mh im to lazy to downgrade ati drivers... got stable 400 everywhere x)
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