replicator/mico demo

need demo of mico or replicator from back in the day, back before i knew how to record a demo :P
i searched a lot i asked urtier to get some but there areNO demos of mico anymore
try to find some old ettv demos on gamestv. he played in what teams?. and wow i'm astonished by your pr0name
replicator was in gunslingers

mico was in 141 (it had different names)
j52/gods inc
right, i was looking for that one. couldn't remember, so i picked 141
urtier's brother, he was in junk 52 theatre

why do you want their demos?
mico was my favourite player
ive got demos... from the arctic esport challange... j52 vs u96d twice! and some others with teams like

beindit (loo, moo, sem, carl i guess not sure), gods inc (tommy etc.), insAne (jackazk etc.), dtekt (no idea what the line-up was), roistot (dsky).

most of em from feb/march 2005
share ure pot of gold pls :> i got monez
do you have bendiT vs. insAne EC qualifier?
ive got bendit vs insane. Oasis and battery (prolly jakcazk pov not sure) but that was for aec afaik.
4th of march 2005.
i remember they were playing an EC quali match (oasis was first map if i am right) but ofc there was more than one match played vs. bendiT. Can you please upload this one
did they move on to other games or they just quit competitive gaming altogether?
MICO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3
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