Congratulations Ruoska

His e-life long dream has finally come true.
For the past few years he's been working so incredebly hard for this and finally he is done!!!

He finally got 1337 hours of playtime for ET on xfire!!

Clicky to see it for yourself!

I would also like to congratulate him on having the best looking sister ever! <3
we dont care !!!...

fcb owned 1860 ..everything else is bullshit

edit: lol he has a good looking sister ?...gimme some pics :D
Don't you try to take this wonderfull moment away from him.
He's been talking about this for the past 2 weeks now!
No way, you were flaming me just now.
Maybe if I get a nice apology I think about it...

look at this link :)

i hope it is enough apologize for u :)

read it ! it comes from my heart
omg, thats the sweetest thing ever.
I might send you some later when I'm done crying :'(
Nice the leetest playzor on et i must say

p.s Razzah pm for english lessons
whats wrong with my sentence ?
1337 means leet meaning hes elite so its better than ur 1860 bullshit :D
Replying skills!
» You cannot post two comments in a row that fast.
:D:D ava hows your girlfriend
Well, we've had some problems lately since her parents found out.
They just dont accept me being that much older than her and her brother is threatening to beat me up if i dont leave her alone...

But I hope that we can make it work out anyway.
i got ur back homie
1860 is a football club maybe?
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2,869 hours

I win :D
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