Photoshop question

I've just made a drawing with autoCAD and as some of you know the lines are all straight and you can tell that is has been drawn with a computer. I can plot the drawing to an pdf file so I can import it into photoshop. I want to try if i can make it look like it has been drawn by hand. Does anyone know how to do this?
draw better ? :P
well i know in Adobe Illustrator you can change the stroke brushes.. so if you livetrace the pdf in illustrator you can make it look like its drawn.

if you want to stick with photoshop. try to delete all the white. copy the layer. and on the layer most down use somthing like motion blur to the left and right side...

you also can download some ink splatters and stuff to make it look like a piece a paper..
Thx,, i'll give it a shot. Got Illustrator aswell :).
autocad, what an annoying program! can i see what you designed?
21.30 vanavond he ;p
you can try smudging it with a splatter or chalk brush on rly low opacity
lol i did pic 2 with that prog xd
image: jolnq55z

rofl praktikum sucks-.-
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