(@Evilynn) but christianity is nothing more than astrology!
(@Evilynn) but he had 12 disicples =12 starsigns.

KiL|3rBoY: taking christianity to a whole new level

Opinions? :}}}
omg. i miss the log where i get insulted for my opinion.
you left out kil|3rboy's reply.
watched zeitgeist probably
muslim here <3
Buddhism poos all over Christianity!
But still Buddhism > Christianity :P
what r those blue thingies supposed to mean forgot the name
0o never heard of that one tbh
» You have been banned from Crossfire.
Reason: Posting nazism stuff.
But I didn't though :P
a swastika in this form is not nacism.
zeitgeist knows best!
a follower? great
Lack of evidence is evidence of lack!
Ignosticism :/
god is an idea
this comment is full of truth

the problem of religion lays not with the idea of God, but with the idea of modern religion

i hate it when in arguments about higher powers and a designer, some wiseass always interupts with "well, I am a christian, and blablabal"

modern religion is completely bullshit, it was a tool of fear and oppression used to enforce slavery and inequality

the idea of God is fine, even a monotheistic God, but following Xianity or Islam for instance, makes no logical sense.


two key arguments to back this up;
- 7000 years ago babylonians believed in Gods, which an Egyption would laugh at
- 4000(?) years ago egyptians believed in Gods, which a roman/greek would laugh at.
- 2000 years ago, greeks/romans believed in Gods, which a Christian/Muslim would laugh at.
- modern day, Christian/Muslim believe in a God... History only ever repeats history, in 2000 years, there will be no religion as we see it today

second argument;
your "religion" is dependent on where you were born, your belief in the idea of God is not
if you are born in America, you will be brought up Christian
if you are born in Isreal, you will be brought up Jewish
if you are born in the middle east, you will be brought up Muslim
The three deny each other.
if your brought up in estonia and you have normal parents you wont be forced into any religion !
its like that with the most of europe.
now the problem is, that humanity already believes in christianity since 2000 years
QuoteDan Brown:

Religion has become a birth right
true that, people are born non-believer and are being taught to the religion and the faith!
eventhough I'm an antitheist I say AMEN to that :P
You missed the 1000 years in which Christianity pushed back science and common sense several centuries back :)
Hey! I was trying to be polite, they already have too much to answer for, never mind having to answer to me about why I don't have a hoverboard yet!
There were no Babylonians 7000 years ago.
Good point, I should have payed more attention in History then. The principle is still the same.
And in english classes as well.

But yeah, your point remains the same. And I've nothing to say about that.
Well, I am taking Eng Literature in College, so I guess I should know how to spell 'paid'.

I blame sleep deprivation!
the idea of god belongs to the category of notions which it won't be possible to verify, and notions which it won't be possible to verify, cannot exist in fact, they can only exist in someone's mind as the thought or i dunno, the project of fantasy, IMO.

sorry for english 8)
the philosophical problem of evil is indeed a major problem for believers, and augustines theodicy is quite simply terrible

Iraeneus does a better job of vindicating God, but it fails when it tries to tie it in to christianity specifically.
image: Canyouseejesus

Jesus is everywhere.
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omg LOL ! xD
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talking about christianity like that, like its trash or something is totally wrong.

if people believe in it and think that they can improve their lives, and that they are totally powerless, then we should let them (-.-) (?), even if we think that they are retarded. why do we have to judge people and put labels on them, and divide people by faith...

let everyone do whatever he wants and believe whatever he wants to believe, trying to tell them and persuade them that their faith is just a way for their faiths' leaders to get money is just as bad as what those evangelists do to save us from "eternal damnation"

read my post above ( )

Believing in the idea of God and wanting to better ones self, is not a bad thing. Following a primary religion, is not so hot.

Religious fanaticism is one of the worst things that exists in the world today.
i dont agree with you.
First time I've agreed with you
Quotelet everyone do whatever he wants and believe whatever he wants to believe

- I believe religious ppl are ignorant
- I do give my opinion about religion and religious ppl and that is that they are ignorant and that religion is just fairytail nonsense.

So, since I fall under the category of everyone I just did whatever I want to and I believe whatever I want to so I just answered to your statement quoted above.

See, I dont care that ppl want to believe in what I think is a fairytale story, just as long as they don't bother others with it. Since that is however not the case I will simply do my share of ridicule towards it. It's not the case because my door gets visited by jehova's witnesses trying to convert me on a regular basis. I dont go visiting their houses to tell them that atheism is the way to safe earth now do I? And it's not the case because pretty much every war going on has a religious reason behind it. And It's not the case because in pretty much every single fucking thing in our lives are we confronted by the will of religious ppl. I don't pose my will on anyone and I expect the same treatment back.
the funny thing is i never said its wrong to believe whatever.. believe whatever u want!

more funny is that i get insulted for telling my opionion as a "wh*re" ... yeah thats the way! -.-
i was insulted as a "wh*re" when i wrote that one:

(@Evilynn) but christianity is nothing more than astrology!
(@Evilynn) but he had 12 disicples =12 starsigns.
fuck jesus, heil satan
oh ye, same thing only opposite
jesus fuck, satan heil?
i see ur a smart person ! *hides the irony-button*
but he's right about the 12 star signs, actually.
the he is a she ! -.-

image: 18619_Evi3
want to say i look like a guy? ^^

if this was meant to be a joke, then u failed ^^
Well I guess you look like a chick more than a dude :P
dont be weak for a girl suddently, "it" looks like a guy :D:p:p:p
Im a follower of the gaming religion, all hail the Game Master!

To the X to the Y to the A to the Z

Ownage be with you
jesus was a hippy
Bible: The Next Level
If people feel the need to believe in something to make their lives better or take them the fear from the death who are we to punish them for that?
In the past the gods mainly existed to take the fear from death and stuff you cant explain (lightnings etc.) but these days we can explain nearly everything and if we can not explain something we are at the moment trying to do so.
But there is still the death and many people feel better or can accept the death better when there is something after their own live.

All believes just often get misused for certain goals such as power/money etc. Of course there are people who do the stuff they do cause they believe in it but these ppl are often manipulated by someone that wants to reach something with theml

In my oppinion, let people believe whatever they want as long as it does not make them fight against other believes or make them easy to manipulate so they start fighting against other people due to their believes.
Im just surprised some jesus admin didnt delete this journal yet :D
thats because there are no jesus admins
Religions suck.
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