ET:QW CB 1on1 ladder vote

"With various duel based maps released such as CTF_Multidemo (RTCW port), Laboratory Storage, Arena 01 and LNA 1on1 the time has come to start a one on one duel ladder to find out who is the best player in this newest Quake game.

No vehicles, deployables or other kinds of irritating spam, ETQWPRO based low spread settings - are you up for the challenge?"

Vote now:
Dont try to revive this game plz!
It doesn't need to be revived, but I would like to see more ways to play the game competitive.
etqw < et 4ever imo
tr00 dat :c
why :c it has to be c: !!!!1
have you got any :cphobia? ;o
mario bros > rtcw > et > cod 4 > cs > >etqw
Sorry guy but the first is the Combat from amiga...2nd Stun and Prince...mario is just the 10 in a top 10...,;)
like i would vote
If you hatez that petition fellow ET pwnerz plz click here and post "no" SSS...
I save the planet

6 KaZe of Turkey d.d. 15 Mar 2008, clan: vermiN
"go die with your nerd game. no"
All votes are counted in favour of the petition, thanks for the support!
I've been powned :(
gl finding out whos the best player with some useless duel ladder
ET:QW / CB / 1on1 / all in the same topic, interesting :P

Im sure there must be enough ET:QW players left to fill this :D
i have never played etqw so i dont think that a new ladder would change it... bibuy
hahahah i think i just threw up in my mouth

are their more than atleast 1x 1v1 maps like in ET or are you talking about using the massive ones?! if so i laugh alot at you
cft_multi is rly small, it's a 1v1, 2v2 cft map, converted from RtCW to ET to ETQW (if i remember correctly)
Soit ils sont pauvres, soit ils sont cons.
j'ai pas compris :(

i dont even have the game, but i read in that title a ctf map remake from ET... CTF maps are big, hense why i threw up in my mouth
i have never saw any of them, thats why my original post contained a question mark, can you read?!
but again, my original post contained a question mark, can you read?
you are looking for unnecessary arguement, what are you, 12?
obviously sarcasm and knowing when sarcasm is used is not one of your greatest qualities

stick with playdo and lego, your about the right mental age for that.
How about a 1on1/2on2 dota ladder
you can build thomas his train, drive them and everything, will keep people like you entertained for hours
sorry, i forgot you are only 18, and already unable to do much in life, do you even leave your room?! clicking a link is not hard, and i have no doubts that you did click that link and by saying you didnt, just increases your immaturity rating.

i recently read about a woman who was actually glued to the toilet seat by her skin.. imo.. getting up once and a while will do yourself some good mate.
You dont watch matches. Thats just really waste of time.
You replay way to fast, makes me scared. And yes its fun to watch if you have to!
i kindof gathered that judging by how long it must of taken to create your profile, you could buy an electric powered wheelchair, shove a laptop on there and your set for life.
stfu bitch
make 1 vs 1 ET ffs, i wanna see m4us vs Butchji vs void me vs speedy bozar, to see who will win who has best aim, and reload also if he does his best
lol ^^

"the voices.. they tell me.. to do.. STUFF"
et:qw is dead already.
ET:QW 1on1 -serious business
Its still funny though. the people with the big mouths , beta players or never touched the game who r saying things bou qw, awesome
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