9800 GX2 is out

omgomg it's finally out


@shops too...
available and up to 50% faster than GeForce® 8800 Ultra. LOL
couple these plugged on your pc.. kinda crazy tho
and that guy on the video is crazy :D
602.90€ at finland :[
jesus i want one
I see through your sarcasm.
its ok, nuffin speshal
price/performance is better on 3870 x2
It is just 2 8800GTSs in one card... sorry not excited. Better price/performance to buy 2 8800GTS.

9800GX2: $600
2 8800GTS: $490
Performance: Same

Prices are for here in America, I don't know about Europe.

edited a lot, I'm tired :(
they said its faster than 2 8800gts
It is but differences aren't big... 2x 8800GT would've been a better choice but I guess withing next 2 months the price will go down :)
wow a pc can even handle 2 8800? wouldnt it be noisy and needs very good psu?
omg i am jealous, i want it too :f
leave me alone !
It's bigger than my PC :-|
Still the GPU speed is a little low, ok it has two core running on 600Mhz each.. but if you take a look at a simple 8600GTS XXX it has its GPU core runing at 720Mhz. But we finally got a better card then the Radeon 3780 THANK GOD...
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