high quality manutd - bolton stream

sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/47287 (needs sopcast)

Bitrate: 1000 Kbps! :D
my nameday... i got a MU ball from my parents and foonr is back to crossfire... its cant be more nice i think!
If I get it to work, it'd be awesome. Seems much more fun than Bayern v Wolfsburg
Man United 2 - Bolton 0 - Ronaldo's 2nd goal was definatley a wall hack! 1/2 time, sky sports ftw :D
same. its back
manutd <3
Ronaldo 24 starts 24 goals, not bad going eh :)

2-0 final score.
Only one UTD.
Who the fook are Man United !! ;)
Man Utd can lick my balls...

UTD 0-2 Coventry (CC3R 26th September 2007)
Oh yeh, the only and only:

Coca-Cola Football League Championship 21st place Coventry looool.
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