all your journals are shit

masculine mans killed the wallpapergate pics
i knew there was a reason i loved your work here at cf foonr
yeah,... "work"... of course! :D
aurora snow is vile, kudos for the rest though.
Most of those girls really aren't that amazing. I've always had a thing for Nicola Roberts, though, and Alison Angel is pretty hot, even if she does have a stupid pornstar name.
admit it, its the fringe that makes nicola hot
wtf, the ugly one out of girls aloud?
foonr's taste just got a lil better <3
now change that damn image of the week of yours plz :(
anyway its better now, i'll check it out next week as well! :P
you didnt like the illinoise?:(

ok wednesday is update day from now on thanks to you lol
dont know her :P
the previous chick was better than her I think
All your journals are belong to me.
garaham is a frog?
Don't really like them all ;/
Jorja Fox? nigger please, open your frontdoor and take a walk .. plenty of woman that are waaay more attractive then here.

Like I said a couple of days before, you have a strange taste; stop showing it to us!
² about jorja fox

she's pretty white :D
+ she looks like she's 50 already !
foonr got some really strange taste imo :D

allthough I appreciate some natural beauties..

but some are :XD
Alison looks nice the rest me not like
freak :DDD

image: Doda-h6Koqa
omg DODA! polish nightmares xD
just saw the pic in someones xfire profile :D

its way better then the average of foonr's taste ;>

mrs. criticism :P
misa campo?
image: 746081166_l
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