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I've just bought a new motherboard , cpu and ram, cause my cat had a pee on my old motherbord and it stopt working :< . I installed all the shit, but when i try to turn on the computer , no signal input appears on my screen. Altough the fans of my vga & cpu are working.

I tested : another vga , another screen, both pci e slots, another hard drive, another power supply, 1gb of ddr2 instead of 2, no ram,

specs :

motherboard : p5n-e sli
cpu: e6750
ram :vdate 2gb ddr2
vga : club3d hd3850
powersupply : a open 300W & x-gear 400W

Is there anyone who can help me ?

thx in advance
make your cat pee on it again
tbh, i HAVE the same proble, but for some reason i dont know what it is
it randomally wont turn on, pc is working but monitor wont open ( it light that its working but gets no signal from pc)
it seems if i take off al my electric stuff of my pc and turn em again it works
looks like something in my electric is wrong here ^^ maybe same 2u
my screen never wants to turn on :)
like pala said it coud be a problem with isolation of screen cable, if its really bad isolated it might the signals get influenced by other cables near it, sounds stupid but i had this problem with a pc at work and the only thing getting it to work again was changing the cable to a better one
which cable :P
the one connecting your graphiccard with your screen, take a "thicker" one, it worked for me
kk, ill try that
i've already tested another screen (so also another cable )
Give me ur specs and i'll help ya!
Try another RAM brand. Kingston and Corsair are the most reliable ones that are working with 90% of the boards.
that's exactly what i thought, but i called to the man from the shop, and he said it couldn't be the ram
I would still try another RAM. I had exactly the same problem with several PCs already. And it was always the RAM.
help this guy!!! <[o]> guys deserves support :p I cannot help you! sry codmate
connect psu to your gfx card....

+connected psu to BOTH connection points on mobo?
i did that :p
try using diff wires from the psu then, cuz to me looks like your gfx isn't working (not sending any signal at all) and seeing you've tested diff monitors + cables it must be the gpu. So maybe vga connection @ gfx isn't working or something like that, i'm pretty sure the prob comes from your gfx card tho. (wether it has to little power, it's fried, or some connection doesn't work is hard to tell). You should send it back and get them to test it, or test it yourself in diff pc etc.
i've already tested another vga, + both pci e slots on my motherboard + both slots from my vga.
+ i didn't had the no signal when i was trying to get my pc working with the old motherboard eventhough its bios was totally destroyed due to my cats uberpiss
Try a 450W or 500W PSU and/or make sure you plug in your GFX as well.
imy vga is plugged, and i didn't connect the dvd player and floopy to save energy, so 400W has to be enough i gues
I wouldn't be too sure... unless your cat fried your GFX as well it's worth a try.
i don't have a 450 or 500W near me.
shitproblem :< help him out plx
please tell me your messing about your cat!
i'm not :< he pied right on my bios :<
haha that's legend!
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