Actually i have a 19" Samsung TFT and i want a second monitor/tv for videos, surfing and stuff. But i'm not sure what to buy. Every solution has its advantage and disadvantage.
So i want to know your opinon about what's better for meh.

1. i don't wanna play on my "2nd" TFT or TV
2. but want to watch HD movies and surf the net

Problem: if i buy a tft my pc has to run > more power consumption
but i heard LCD TV isn't that good because it looks ugly when u connect it to a pc o_O

so i thought about an 24" Samsung SyncMaster 245B or an >=24" TV

plz halp

edit for those who doesn't want to read: monitor or tv????
you don't have to say "TFT" infront of LCD...

also I'd go monitor, but I'm a nerd.

I'm also very poor, so I'd go with the cheapest/best value for money.
have you received your new pc? :p
not yet, managed to fix my windows problem, then got lazy and haven't done it yet
I would go for monitor, since it can handle full hd resolution, apart from the TV.
I have 24" samsung LCD TV, And I usually bring it here whit my computer and watch movies from it because of better quality.
And imo it doesn't look ugly, just dont watch it as close as you watch your computer screen x.x

E: But, if you have bad computer (like I do) I'd prefer TFT :)
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