fatal1ty headset prob!

I've bought a fatal1ty headset a few weeks ago and now when Im talking on vent ppl hear me in the background and If some1 is speaking 40 meters away from me than ppl on vent say that this person is screaming while I cant even understand what's he's saying :D

any solution?

First, nerd, fatality headshot.
fatal1ty shit sucks
4h > *
5h > 4h > *

tell ur family to fo and ur sister to get back under my desk!
Haha :DD, I wish I could send her by email to you.
put it far away and speak
buy sennheiser and your prob is fixed :)
turn lil bit down your mic volume in windows settings, or check your sondcard settings and also turn down volume
or turn off your micro boost
Make sure you plug the mic in the right way. Someone else had the exact same problem couple weeks ago.

Plug it in hard till you hear a good click.
I was the one with that problem :D

anyways Im pretty sure Its plugged in the right way.
oh rofl, that was you. Well then I dunno. Try it on a different PC perhaps to see if the problem is with the headset or with your sound-settings.
ye fix it kankerface :)
that doesnt sound very logical
you sure you dont have stereo mix on?
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