tonight CL predictions? 2

i would say

SpainBarcelona : GermanySchalke 2-0
United KingdomManchester United : ItalyRoma 2-0

what do u think?
both 3-1
United will take it obviously. Same for the Barca.
manu will take it and schalke will bash them (lol would be nice)
both 2-1
barcelona will have tough match, but they will take it in the end
all my money on roma
Barcelona 1:2 Schalke
Manchester 3:0 United AS Roma
Barca 2-1 SchalKe
ManUtD 1-2 RomA
Hoping for a Man Utd vs Barca semi even if Barca are half the team they were in recent seasons.
Same here, 2-0 AGG lead but United are without Nemanja Vidic but Rio Ferdinand may be fit for tonights game, heres hoping ;)
do you know if they show the matches on normal tv?
4:5 after penaltys (Barcelona needs tho score an own goal since schalke is to low to dit - maybe bordon by head after corner kick)
7:0 (7x Ronaldo - that guy is on fire these days)
Manchester and Barcelona will win cuz they have ballhack.
hoi Lover
hey Bl1nD :X
yo, Have you fixed your et.exe problem?
no...but i found a method to control it
i open et...then i set et.exe priority to realtime,and then,before the match start,i minimize et,and it starts using 15mb(and here the realtime helps,so it wont move weird using only 15mb) and then it still goes up,and lets say,after a map i minimize again and starts from 15mb again(it gets somewhere at 400 mb).Sometimes i forget,but np,it takes only 2 seconds to minimize-maximize.So,at least,its not a problem anymore :D
Schalke will win 2:1
3 - 1
2 - 1
Manchester Utd 80 - 0 Roma
And totti (if he plays) will DIE :DD::D:D:D:D:DD:D:DD:DD
schalke will win 0-1 & own @ penalty kicks :)
Blues - Kärpät
5 - 1
Hopefully Schalke is gonna get into the semifinals thought im not a schalke fan :p
CHELSEA!!!! :) bibuy fenerbahce xD
roma will win 1-2
1:3 Gelsenkirchen
3:0 Manu !
schalke can go to semi's nP with me
but they cant get to the final
c. ronaldo hat trick
ATTENTION !! football experts in action !!
Barca and ManU will win ;)
Barcelona 1-0 Schalke
Man. Utd 3 - 1 Roma

Roma will score first, though.
i said it last night :

chelsea to progress
liverpool to progress
barca to progress
man utd to progress

man utd to win it ( only because of ronaldo )
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