everyone > sol

Since i saw overdrive is trying to make new revolution against sol's fanboys with his nick overdrive>sol i will be glad to uphold him !!! :D

everyone who would like too, join @ qnet #>sol :XDD
..and yes, i am really bored thats why i wrote this journal :b
NEWS imo
haahahhaah i guess it had to be coming sometime if sol deletes this is will be funny :p
u just applied for a <3sol nick :P
hf with it
CHANGE MY NICK INTO "ratte ,=- sol" PLZ :)
hail sol
what about that:

when will this shit end? everyone knows overdrive>sol and well... the final conclusion is easy to figure.
rofl :D change my name to cryptz<3decem now :D
you be my only fan then!
dude i am you fanboi for a long time now, irony is that i am belgian :(

In my case its an attempt to insult Sol's awesome ET skillz. Yours is just stating facts. Fail imho
if you do not give these retards their attention, they will quit doing that stuff :x
Everybody who is involved in this is mentally retarded.
except <3ronner guys!
i hope sol will join that channel and ban everybody whos there =)
sol > everyone tbh
* Frop has joined #>sol
<Frop> ...
<Frop> 1 month cf ban for all of you
* Frop has left #>sol

but frop <33
thought that a aprill fool but then checked a data, and upsa xD
but seriously, all this stuff thats just not for me, too old ;)
sol changed my nick! Im on the side of his <3 army
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