Indian baby born with two faces

and an asshole in the middle?
poor child!
it's GOD
looks more like a shit photoshop work
thats what happens when they get married with their brothers, stupid 3rd world countrie fags
yeeh. was in yesterdays news
she'll be da "two faced" terrorist :p
Villages celebrate her birth with clapping and believe she is a reincarnation of Indian God Ganesha

I'd tap that.
No wonder your dreams are so twisted! :P
nice comments from fuckwits.

but in all seriousness....

what do they put in the water over there :P?
it's what they don't put in the water that causes the problems =)
Why has she got a belly button in the middle of her face? :/
Incest, no wonder the babys get out fucked up
Incest is best!
Hey, it's called scissoring, have you not seen south park?
image: eu52iq

two-faced fucker :P

so she can actually choose each morning and evening which mouth she will use to eat?

like eat breakfast with ur left mouth and dinner with ur right... or suck 2 dicks
rofl... I don't know what's more hilarious, the baby or the daily mail article.
The fact that when she's older she can have 4 dicks inside her and a baby will grow in the middle of her face? :{
That's hilarious.

But... this is the daily mail we are talking about here.

I am usually in hysterics before I even click the link, just imagining what the writing will be like.

They always deliver.
6, 8 with regular training.
The fact that made me ROFL is actually that the first thing that comes to the mind of 75% of the kids on xfire when they see an Indian baby with two faces is sex with an Indian baby with 2 faces.
pretty old and they have been succesfully separated the same day or the day after
how to separate those kids :S:S:S
ehmmmm..? its posted 10th april and please explain to me how to separate 1 body with 2 heads:Z
the operation was not necessary
well the baby is able to eat 2 hamburgers at once and it has some kind of all seying eye
could also be very useful
i never knew that hype had 2 faces :DDDDDD
Ok thats kinda sick to mention ( all though i did wonder where it is...)

but still BABY PORN u twisted fuckers
so do you think that both faces will run in sync (ie they will do the same thing) or will it be 2 differnet?

either way its running from one brain
WTF i hope the doctors could saparate them
pooe kid :/
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